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Do you have a friend or loved one in the Travis County Jail? We can get them out.  All bail fees will be applied toward legal representation. No innocent defendants should be in jail. Get your friend or loved one released today!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several options for jail release on a Driving While Intoxicated or any other charge. You can hire us to apply for a personal bond and use the affordable fee for representation. This allows you to apply for jail release AND hire an attorney AT THE SAME TIME. There is often no need to also hire a bail bonds company just for jail release.

We can apply for a personal recognizance bond 24 hours a day for a client to be released from jail for DWI or Assault Charges. This is when a Judge allows someone arrested to be freed awaiting their next court settings. Don’t wait in jail for your court date! Apply for release Immediately!

Every case is different, but most cases can be handled affordably. Hiring us to apply for jail release and representation together is the best way to pay for both. We can apply for a personal bond For Driving while Intoxicated and even Assault Charges.

Call us today 24 hours a day and we will go through the steps to immediately apply for jail release. Free phone call for information and instructions on taking the next steps on any charges.

We can look up charges for you and view the Probable Cause Affidavit of DWI charges, Assault Charges, or any other type of criminal case.

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